Awesome Alternative & Vibrant Vintage Wedding Photography

About Mike

Rebel Heart photography

We are based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk working throughout Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Nationwide.

Call Mike on: 07776136668
Twitter: @RebelHeartTeam

Mike at Rebel Heart

I’m an alternative Wedding photographer.
I also specialise in Fashion/Editorial & Band Photography.
I’m an Arts Facilitator, Writer, Lover of Film & Cinema, Haribo, Cups of Tea and Sausages.
Most comfortable in a Frog Hat and Gremlins T-Shirt.
I love live music and like to support local bands.
Through Rebel Heart one of goals is to help raise awareness of local charities.
My Instagram is full of pictures of my cats.

Where I came from~photography by Mum & Dad

I love looking at our old pictures of family and friends. We have boxes of them hidden away in the loft. It’s always a delight to go up there and route through them, like the Goonies looking for one eyed Willies rich stuff.

My mum & dad looked so cool when they were young. My dad always had a camera with him wherever he went and I’m so glad he did. My dad sadly past away before I started dating my wife and he was dearly missed at our wedding. So it’s only through these old photographs that my wife Celia can see where I got my tragic hairline and Sam the Eagle nose.

This is where I came from.

Mike_Rebel_Heart_001 Mike_Rebel_Heart_002 Mike_Rebel_Heart_003 Mike_Rebel_Heart_004 Mike_Rebel_Heart_005 Mike_Rebel_Heart_006 Mike_Rebel_Heart_007 Mike_Rebel_Heart_008 Mike_Rebel_Heart_009

Then I came along.”>Mike_Rebel_Heart_010 Mike_Rebel_Heart_011

Two years later my little sister Jacqui made an appearance.

<a href="">Mike_Rebel_Heart_012 Mike_Rebel_Heart_013 Mike_Rebel_Heart_014 Mike_Rebel_Heart_015 Mike_Rebel_Heart_016 Mike_Rebel_Heart_017 Mike_Rebel_Heart_018 Mike_Rebel_Heart_019


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